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World's Largest Pac-man Arcade Game Rental - Rent Giant Pacman

World's Largest Pac-Man is the latest and greatest arcade game that combines everyone's favorite game, Pac-Man, with the latest and greatest technology including super bright LED lights that will delivery extraordinary gaming regardless if night or day. This arcade game has the potential to be the centerpiece of your next event, towering over 9 feet tall and nearly 6 feet wide! Pictures alone do not do this game justice, so we filmed a video to show you how cool this game is!

If you're looking to throw an event that will stand out, the World's Largest Pac-Man is a must! It is a two player game so it is very interactive! This arcade also has the game Galaga installed on it, so you can play Giant Pac-Man or Giant Galaga. Customer feedback has been nothing but raving reviews!

Need More Than One?
World's Largest Pac-man
Not an issue!

We've got these arcade games available for rent around the country and we can combine warehouse inventory quickly & effectively. Or if you're doing a producing the event in different markets, we can service all of those markets simulataneously or as the need develops!

Custom Branding Opportunity:

This game can also be custom branded to reflect your logo, brand, and/or event theme. Digital branding on the screen is available free of charge on this product. The super bright LED screen will light up your branding and make a big impact on your audience/event attendees! Great for tradeshow booths, expos, brand activations, music festivals, bar mitzvahs, etc where branding is a key event element.

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