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Whac-A-Mole is always a crowd favorite at tradeshows, corporate events, and school events. The game is enjoyable by all ages from kids to adults. The arcade machine features high score display, current score display and ticket redemption display. Generally, we set the game to 30 seconds rounds so that players do not experience any fatigue, especially if participating in a whac-a-mole tournament or head to head competition. Our whac-a-mole games are arcade quality machines and the latest model, so they are reliable, durable, and well constructed. Whack the moles as hard as you can and they'll keep popping up. There is some strategy to the game. You'll have to determine if it's hard hits or quick hits that results in the best performance. The faster you hit the moles, the faster they keep popping up and then the faster you can increase your score!
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