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Castle Party Rentals offers tent rental options for all events. For a small intimate dinner to a large corporate event, we have the tent solution to meet both your needs and budget. You can view our selection with pricing, pictures, and layouts by clicking here. We also offer a wide variety of tent accessories and extras that can be viewed here. We also offer standard party rental packages for smaller gatherings which can be viewed here.

If you are shopping for a tent rental right now, you will probably want to consider a heated tent rental. The cold weather is already here and our climate control tents can make outdoor events possible. Snow is right around the corner, but don't let that ruin the party. Hire us to install a heated tent rental and your winter wonderland event will be possible. We have two different sized tent heaters to accomodate every sized tent that you may need to rent. These tent heaters run on either propane or LP gas, depending on the model. We can provide both 20 pound and 100 pound propane tanks depending on the duration of your event. Each heated tent rental comes with a thermostat and/or thermometer which allows you to regulate the temperature under your tent.

Other tent options you may want to consider for the cold weather are custom installed floors, sidewalls, and lighting. The custom floors make sure that your guests do not sink into the soft ground or get their feet moist. The sidewalls comes in solid white or cathedral window and keeps the heat within the tent. Days are shorter in the winter time so lighting will certainly be necessary.

To obtain a tent quote, please use the contact us form or call (630)-400-6545.