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Below are recent examples of our Sectional LED Light Up Bar rentals. Make them as big or as small as you desire. Utilize corner sections along with both types of straight sections to create a truly custom bar experience. You can make a really long bar or a full enclosed bar where patrons can obtain service on all four sides. The possibilities are endless and hope that these recent event configurations will provide some inspiration for your upcoming event!

The above bar consists of 3 straight sectionals with shelf and 3 straight sectionals with ice cavity as well as 2 corner sections for a nice clean look at the ends. The client chose to have the bars in white light and they also used our display cubes for the background atop a skirted table.

Here we have a wedding in Chicago, IL with 2 corner sectionals, 2 straight sections of bar with ice cavity and 2 straight sections of LED bar with shelf. We also provided the pipe & drape curtains as well as all barware. Again white light was chosen to light up the bars and room.

Here we have a smaller bar, 2 straight sections with shelf and 2 corner pieces. The white lighting brought the event to life and went well with the curved LED benches and ghost chairs and tables.

Our LED light up Bar Sections were used to create a beautiful centerpiece in the middle of the Audi Showroom. White looked really prestigious and complimented the brand miraculously. A total of 4 corner sections were used along with 11 straight bar sections, 8 of white were with shelf and 3 of which were with ice cavity.

Nice long bar for a product promotion. A total of 5 straight sections were used, 4 with shelf and 1 with ice cavity in the very center. Also two corner sections rounded off the bar nicely. Again, white light is very popular!

Blue light used for this larger sectional bar, one of our favorites. 3 Straight sectionals with shelf and 2 corner pieces made it nice and clear where the alcohol was being served from. Plenty of space for the bartenders to work in the back and probably supported at least 5 of them.

Nice bar for a New Year's Eve party in a local Chicago hotel.  Created using 4 straight sections with shelf and 1 straight section with ice bin. Also, 2 corner sections were obviously used. Turned out nice and sleek.

Great bar with two straight sections with shelf and two corner pieces. Complimented our light up cube display in the back for the back bar area. Had three of our bartenders working the event. Looked truly beautiful. 

Another common sectional configuration consisting of 2 straight sections and 2 corner pieces. Event took place in beauty salon for a holiday party and fit perfectly against the wall.

Here you get a great look at the back of the LED light up straight bar sections. Two on each side of the corner section made a nice V-shaped bar. As you can see, plenty of storage and space for glassware!

Our modern sectional LED light up bar even looks good in older, traditional buildings. This downtown Chicago loft space housed one of our bars for a corporate event this past summer.

Pictured here are 4 straight sections and 2 corner pieces. This was for a restaurant grand opening event as they did not get their bars that they ordered shipped in time from the manufacturer and relied on us to help furnish the space until they came in. The owner of the restaurant says he would have bought these had he not already purchased a non-light up bar counter.

This is one of the largest sectional LED light up bar configurations that we've done to date. It was for a holiday Winter Wonderland themed event under a heated tent. A total of 20 straight sections and 4 corners were used to create this ginormous bar configuration. It was quite a spectacular site.

This warehouse party was a wild one! Our sectional LED bar brought the party to the next level. There were 3 straight sections and 2 corner sections. We can transform any space into a winter wonderland. 

Another huge sectional bar configuration for a recent holiday party produced this past season. A total of 14 straight sections were used mixing ice cavity and shelfs units as well as 4 corner sections. With over 300 attendees at this event, a bar of this grand scale was necessary!

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