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The season for heated tent rentals is here already many of our clients are turning to heated events, especially for evening events when the sun goes down and no heat can be extracted from the sun. Below are pictures from some of our most recent heated tent events:

Pictured here is a 20x80 Fiesta Frame Tent fully enclosed with solid sidewalls. The heated tent event took place at Hawthorne Race Track in Cicero, IL and was used by out friends at Castle Chevrolet for an annual tent sale. Their heated tent rental kept staff and clients warm. This tent utilized three 170,000 BTU tent heaters.

Pictured here is a heated 30x60 Navi Trac Clearspan Tent. The tent was heated by two 170,000 BTU tent heaters. As you can see, the heated tent was enclosed with cathedral window sidewalls. Event site is at a Glenview, IL banquet facility that needed extra space for a mechanical bull rental at a Bat Mitzvah celebration.

Pictured here is a 30x75 High Peak Century Mate Pole Tent, fully heated by three 170,000 BTU tent heaters. The tent was used to keep ultimate frisbee players warm in between matches. Solid sidewalls fully enclosed the tent and also provided protection against the very windy Naperville, IL winds.

This heated tent rental is from a St. Patricks Day celebration in St. Charles, IL. The heated tent was setup outside of city hall. It is a 20x80 Fiesta Frame Tent and was enclosed with solid sidewalls. Three 170,00 BTU tent heaters were used to keep event attendees warm.

Here we have a beautiful 80x120 Twin Peak Century Mate Heated Tent. A local hotel was holding a convention and had more vendors than could fit inside their indoor facility. In order to accomodate the annual event's growing attendee count and vendors, outdoor tent was utilized along with five 170,000 BTU tent heaters.

More Information about renting Heated Tents:
Heated tents have the same potential as indoor spaces. The tent heaters that we provide with our tent rentals come with a thermostat to regulate temperatures. Heated tents can utilize cathedral window sidewalls or solid sidewalls, but solid sidewalls will be more affordable. Larger tents require larger heaters and/or more heaters to properly heat the space. We carry heated tents of all sizes. Heated tents can be rented for events on a grassy area or a hard surface like a parking lot. Both frame tents and pole tents can be fully enclosed with sidewall and then heated.