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Rent Custom Wrapped Motorcycle Racing Arcades

Big brands need big branding and that is why we are proud to be the Midwest leader in branded arcade games. We can wrap almost any arcade game in vinyl decals and digitally printed stickers with your company's logo, message, or event's theme. Some custom arcades are certainly more difficult than others, such as this T-Mobile/Samsung Motorcycle Racing Game, however, the pink bikes were a must for their recent product launch. The custom racing game is Motorcycle themed and provides interactive entertainment for corporate event attendees. We understand that pink is not everyone's top choice of color, so no worries, we can match any color pallet of your choosing.

Custom wrapped arcade games take experience to be done properly. You need to have the right vinyl material, high resolution image, and a skilled application team. The custom process takes time so we recommend as much lead time as possible. The more lead time given, the more polished the final product will look. Arcade games can have various aspects branded and wrapped depending on their design. The most common arcade game wrap is on the cabinet because it usually does not coincide with a company's color scheme. You don't want to have an arcade game in your booth with your competitor's colors because that does not help to resonate your message and your brand to show attendees and potential/current clients.

Check out this sleek custom branded racing bike arcade. Cabinets were branded pink as well as the bikes. Plenty of room for signage of T-Mobile and Samsung. This custom wrapped was extremely attractive in pink as it's not everyday that you see a pink motorcycle, especially in a racing arcade!

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