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Childrens tables and chair rentals have become very popular in the Chicago area. Just the other day, we rented 10 kid size tables and 40 child chairs for an event at the Peggy Norbert Nature Museum in Chicago, IL. The event was hosted by Bump Club which promotes children's activities to pregnant moms and moms with newborns. The kiddie tables and chairs were used as arts and craft stations and as you can see were the perfect height for newborns and toddlers and little kids. The chairs are very colorful and padded so they are visually appealing and comfortable. Using children's tables and chairs are much safer than using standard table and chair rentals for younger children.

As you can see, the kid size chairs come in a variety of colors and are neutral when it comes to both boy and girls parties. These chairs are safe and have a special locking mechanism so that the chairs do not accidently fold, which keep children's fingers safe. So not only are our Childrens' chair rentals cute, they are also built with safety in mind. More so, the chairs are comfortable as they have padded seats and padded backs. The chairs do indeed fold for easy transport and the same is true with our childrens' folding tables. We have a large inventory of kiddie folding tables and chairs to rent for your next event.

Price: $16.00 for 4 kiddie chairs & 1 kiddies table

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