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Illinois: Castle Party Rentals services the Chicago area of Illinois including downtown and the suburbs. We produce many events in other parts of central and southern Illinois as well.

Wisconsin: From the northern border where Illinois meets Wisconsin to further north towards Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a beautiful state in which we provide rentals to.

Indiana: We generally stay within the northwestern Indiana area, however, we have venture to Indianapolis for larger events and have even once been to Evansville.

Missouri: Most of Missouri is about 6 hours away from us, however, that has not stopped us in the past. We have gone to St. Louis for college events and even done some corporate rentals within the state.

Iowa: Certainly many post prom events in Iowa. We have done events for the University of Iowa and a handful of weddings and corporate events.

Michigan: Depending on what part of Michigan you are in, we are certainly interested in offering you our one of a kind party rentals.  We have done everything from wedding tent rentals to school carnival game rentals.