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Mechanical Bull Rental - Rent Mechanical Bull in Chicago, IL

Mechanical bull rentals available for rent in Chicago, IL and surrounding suburbs. We were the first company to bring the mechanical bull into the Chicago area in 1997 and have continued to be a leader in ride experience while maintaining safety. Beware of other companies in the area advertising mechanical bull rentals! Most have no experience, no insurance, and are an accident waiting to happen. Our operators all are fully certified and have at least 5 years experience solely operating mechanical bulls and assure that the rental runs flawlessly. Mechanical bulls can be a lot more fun when you have an operator who interacts with the crowd and is able to cater to the various ability levels. This is why the mechanical bull rental can be great for a family party as kids as young as 5 years old, their grandparents, and everyone in between can have an enjoyable experience.

Mechanical Bull Rental ChicagoWe provide mechanical bull rentals for the largest corporations, municipalities, festivals, churches, etc. in the Chicago area. Pictured left is the mechanical bull from Hollywood Casino in Aurora, IL. We are the proud amusement and entertainment provider for the company picnic and staff appreciation event each year. Not only is the mechanical bull a fun experience for the rider, but it is a great opportunity for friends to cheer each other on and take very memorable photos. As you can see, the mechanical bull ride rental is shaped to appear as real as possible. We even use real bull hyde to further enhance the experience. The mechanical bull rental is most standard with two, three or four hour rental packages. Longer events also available starting at only $150.00 per hour additional.

If you're wonder what areas we service, we pretty much can service the entire Midwest for larger and longer mechanical bull rentals. Our direct service area is Chicago, IL and surrounding suburbs. Our mechanical bull "farms" are located in St. Charles and Elgin, IL. Majority of our events take place in the City of Chicago though. Upon request, we may travel to surrounding areas of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Another popular question is, how many mechanical bulls do we have available for rent. Believe it or not, we have four mechanical bulls for rent in Chicago, IL. So if you need more than one mechanical bull at your event, we've got you covered. Image having two mechanical bulls side by side and running a competition at your event who can stay on longer. Wow that would be a lot of mechanical bull rental fun. Our rental pricing is very competitive on mechanical bull rentals and summarized below:

 Pricing Per Hour  1 Hour  2 Hours  3 Hours  4 Hours Additional Hours
 Mechanical Bull Rental  
 $545.00  $695.00  $845.00  $995.00  $150.00 (each)

Let's talk about some events in which mechanical bull rentals are popular. The rodeo bulls are very popular for rental at birthday parties, block parties, company picnics, promotional events, bachelor parties, etc. The mechanical bull rental has adjustable speeds so we can appeal to all rider abilities. If someone wants to see if they can last 8 seconds like the pros, we can provide that experience. If someone just wants the bull to go very slow so that they can get pictures, we can also accomodate.

Still not sure about a mechanical bull rental? We now offer a one hour rental option so you can try it out. If you need additional time, you can add another hour for only $150.00 (pending availability). Regardless of how many hours you order, we provide unlimited rides and hence unlimited fun. Take your event to the next level with a Chicago mechanical bull rental. You cant beat great service and great pricing!