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LED Robo Racers For Rent - Robo Racer Rentals USA

Robo Racers are the newest attraction for 2017 and our clients absolutely love them. Not only do they serve as a great interactive attraction, they also make for a great photo opportunity. Participants and viewers will have a blast using and filming these state of the art LED robots. Participants tower over the ground on the elevated seat within the robots. Using the controllers, the participants can race back and forth or weave through obstacles depending on the space available and desired level of difficulty. The attendant will time the race and record the fastest time. If you rent two robots, participants can race head to head instead of just against the watch. The robot is controlled via two joysticks at the disposal of the robot racer. The videos below show how cool the Robo Racers are; they're sure to be a big hit at your next corporate event, bar/bat mitzvah, church picnic, etc.

Now time to see the Robo Racers in action. You'll see how well they handle on hard surfaces, even tile like in the video. They come equipped with anti-crash sensors so you can't crash into other robots or more importantly, venue wall, spectators, etc.

Robo Racers, America's beloved LED Riding Robots are available for rent or purchase:

Rental Rate = $1,495.00/robot (for up to 4 hours)

Purchase Price = $7,995.00/robot

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