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90º Illuminated Bar Rentals - Custom Design Examples

Castle Party Rentals is all about personalizing your event in a manner that enhances your guests overall experience. Glow, LED, light up, and illuminated products are the hottest rentals for 2015! We are proud to introduce to you the 8 Foot 90º Illuminated Bar Rental which can be customized with decals, logos, text, designs, etc.

Here are a few examples of branding potential on our 8 Foot 90º Illuminated Bars:

Two 90º Illuminated Bars Pictures Side by Side

Four 90º Illuminated Bars Form Circle as pictured

AASHTO's Custom Chicago 90º Illuminated Bar

Four 90º Illuminated Bars around Ice Sculpture
Brew City 90º Illuminated Bar for Tradeshow
Promotional 90º Illuminated Bar for Belvedere Vodka
Cushman & Wakefield Logo on 90º Illuminated Bar

Newgistics 90º Illuminated Bar for Tradeshow Booth

90º Illuminated Bar Branded with Koval Logo
Custom 90º Illuminated Bar for Hewlett Packard

EA Prefer Custom 90º Illuminated Bar

Sample 007 Branded 90º Illuminated Bar
Club 444 Branded 90º Illuminated Bar

300 South Wacker Custom 90º Illuminated Bar
Two 90º Illuminated Bars Side by Side

Martell Cognac Branded 90º Illuminated Bar 

Two 90º Illuminated Bars Branded for Wedding

90º Illuminated Side Bars Branded For Bat Mitzvah

Two 90º Illuminated Bars forming Half Circle

Another 007 Themed 90º Illuminated Bars 

As you can see, the capabilities are endless. We can do company logos, multi-color designs, custom decals, etc. White light is most popular, but these bars also come with a remote control to select any color you choose. Customization of the curved light up bar starts at $150.00 including artwork, touch-ups, printing, application, and removal. Email your logo or design to to get your custom bar created!

Additional LED, light up, glow, and illuminated bar rentals available:

6 Foot Curved LED Light Up Bar = $295.00 - Click HERE for custom examples.

6 Foot Rectangular Glow Bar  = $300.00 - Click HERE for custom examples.

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Here's a fun video that one of our delivery drivers filmed. Our 90 degree illuminated bars light up the inside the Mercedes Sprinter delivery van, almost as if in a club. This is also a great video so you can see the color changing capability of the 8 ft curved bars. These two in particular were also branded and in route to a hotel event in Chicago.

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