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Highboy Table Rentals - Rent Highboy Tables in Chicago, IL

Looking to rent highboy tables in Chicago? Highboy tables are great for cocktail events. They get their name from the fact that they are tall tables. All highboy tables are bar height, which is 42'' tall. Highboy tables have a base and then a pedestal that raises the table top into the air. Your guests can stand around the tables or you can rent bar stools to go along with the highboy table. We have several different options for highboy table rentals including different shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Our most popular highboy table is the 30'' round highboy pedestal table. Cost per table is $9.50 which is an extremely competitive rate. Most other rental companies are charging over $16.00 per highboy table, so we've got the best price. More importantly, you won't find nicer highboy tables available for rent because ours are all like new. In most cases, you can use our highboy tables without linens, though linens are always nice and decorative. Highboy tables at other rental companies are usually beat up, not smooth, and unstable.

Highboy Pedestal Table Rental - Chicago, IL
30'' Round Wooden Highboy Tables = $12.99 each

36'' Round Wooden Highboy Tables = $14.99 each

32'' Round Brushed Aluminum Highboy Tables = $29.99 each

32'' Square Brushed Aluminum Highboy Tables = $29.99 each

18'' Square Glow Highboy Tables = $75.00 each

24'' LED Highboy Table w/ Glass Top = $95.00 each

24'' Glass Top Pedestal Table w/ Chrome Base = $95.00 each

30'' Round Illuminated Highboy Tables = $99.00 each

We recommend our spandex linen for traditional highboy table rentals. The stretch material fits perfectly and contours to the shape of the table. Alternatively, you can also rent a 132'' round linen and use a sash to tie the linen to the pedestal, which creates an hourglass effect. For our linen color and pricing, please click here.

Other highboy table rentals pictures below:

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