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Custom Zoltar Fortunes - Customize Your Zoltar Machine Fortunes

Custom Zoltar Fortunes now available exclusively from Castle Party Rental! Full customization available with colors, graphics, phrases, designs, etc. If you're looking to take your event and brand to the next level, custom Zoltar cards are a must! You can even customize Zoltar's clothing, such as hat as seen in this photo as well as the props that sit in front of him. The hat in this scenario was branded with our client's name, Ally Financial. Custom cards come in stacks of 500 and start at $500.00. That is only $1.00 per card. The more cards you order, the less the cost per card. 


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Available for rental or sales across the United States:
Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, Columbus, Charlotte, Seattle, Denver, etc.

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