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Castle Party Rentals offers the latest casino entertainment including poker tables, blackjack tables, roulette tables, craps table, slot machines, casino decor, casino dealers, and even a human roulette wheel ride.

We have two lines of casino tables, a standard line and an LED line. We strive to maintain the highest quality of products. Our dealers come fully dressed in dealer attire and are very knowledgable about the various casino games.

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Poker Table Rentals: $100.00 - $150.00
Poker Table Rental Chicago
Poker Tables are one of our most popular casino table rental. Our poker tables can accommodate up to 10 players and feature padded arm rests, stainless steel cup holders, a beautiful wooden runner, foot rest, and much more. If you are looking for an affordable, yet elegant poker table rental in Chicago or the suburbs, this is the table more you. Note that most of our poker table rentals have a green felt top or slightly different legs, but al feature a beautiful wood runner and stainless steel cups.

Click HERE to view a video of one of our poker tables.

Blackjack Table Rentals: $100.00 - $150.00
Blackjack Table Rental Chicago
Blackjack Tables offer a fun casino game for both experienced and newer casino players. Our blackjack tables feature wooden runners, stainless steal cup holders, built in chip tray, printed felt graphics and much more. This blackjack table is both affordable and elegant and sure to meet your casino gaming needs. We deliver to both Chicago and the suburbs.

Click HERE to view a video of one of our blackjack tables.

Roulette Table Rentals: $150.00 - $200.00
Roulette Table Rental Chicago
We offer very large roulette table rentals in Chicago and the suburbs. Our beautiful mahagony model is elegant and always recieves many compliments at our casino events. The table features a beautiful, large roulette wheel, large playing field, etc. Get the nicest roulette table rental with Castle Party Rentals.

Click HERE to view a video of one of our roulette tables.

Craps Table Rentals: $150.00 - 350.00
Craps Table Rentals in Chicago IL
Our craps table rental is for the most prestigious of parties. This is an extremely heavy table so please notify us in advance is the craps table if going up or down any stairs. Our craps table features wonderful wood work, thick leather padding, a huge playing field, and a lot of extras. We deliver these attractive craps tables to Chicago and the suburbs.

Virtual Horse Racing: $495.00
Virtual Horse Racing Chicago IL
This is the latest attraction that is nearly a must at all casino events. Add some variety to your next casino party by offering virtual horse racing. The setup mirrors horse racing and betting. The race are projected upon a large green and the provided announcer keeps the attraction flowing smoothly. The announcer uses an announcer stand to get the crowd excited, takes bets, distributes the dividends, etc. The attraction also comes with two horse drop backdrops to enhance the environment. Pricing listed is for 2 hours, but additional hours can be added for $150.00 each. Virtual horse racing is available in Chicago as well as the suburbs.

Professional Casino Dealers For Hire: $50.00/hr
Casino Dealers For Hire Chicago IL
We only rent out professional casino dealers who come in full dealer attire. They are always punctual, friendly, informative, and enhance the entire casino environment. Our casino dealers are available to teach various casino games as well as deal at events.

LED Poker Table Rentals: $500.00
LED Poker Table Rental Chicago
This LED Poker Table is a brand new product offered in our LED product line. This remote controlled table features seven different color options, in which a particular color can be set up in advance or various light shows can be programmed. Thick padded arm rests and stainless steel cup holders further enhance the LED poker table rental. This table rental is not only available in Chicago and the suburbs, but also nationwide.

LED Blackjack Table Rentals: $500.00
LED Blackjack Table Rental Chicago IL
Check our the latest trend in the entertainment industry: LED Blackjack table rentals. These first class casino tables are only for the most prestigious of events. The LED Blackjack table features a beautiful brushed look and is controlled on a color changing remote. The LED Casino tables are available not only in Chicago and its suburbs, but also nationwide.

LED Roulette Table Rentals: $750.00
LED Roulette Table Rentals Chicago
The LED Roulette table is a crowd favorite in the casino industry. The game features many LED lights which different color changing abilities. There is plenty of space to insert custom vinyl decals and allow for the branding of tables. Our LED Casino tables are available nationwide via our Chicago suburb's headquarters. Rent the LED roulette table and amaze your crowd, guests, etc.

LED Craps Table Rentals: $1,000.00
LED Craps Table Rental Chicago
Wow your guests with an LED Craps table rental. This illuminated casino table operates on a remote control that can select from seven different color options. This huge table had cup holders around its perimeter which each light up. If you are looking for the greatest casino entertainment on the market, then our LED casino tables are a must. Reserve your casino tables today. We service Chicago, suburbs, and all nationwide venues.

Human Roulette Wheel Carnival Ride: $995.00
human roulette wheel ride chicago IL
This casino ride is a lifesize roulette wheel where a human acts as a roulette ball. Spaces are numbered around the spinner just like on a real roulette wheel. An operator uses a control stick and panel to spin the player around until they fall off and land on one of the spaces. This is a great add on for all corporate casino events or events that are looking for something new. This ride is offered in Chicago as well as its suburbs. The price is for 2 hours, but additional hours can be added at $150.00 per extra hour.

Check out the video for this ride!

Slot Machine Rentals: $75.00
Slot Machine Rental Chicago
Slot machines are a great add on for all casino parties. Slot machine rentals provide variability and offer further casino entertainment for your guests to enjoy. We offer slot machine rentals in both Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois. Our slot machines are run tokens. This way, there is no need to worry about breaking any of the casino gaming laws in Illinois. If you're looking for a fun slot machine rental, then Castle Party Rentals has a slot machine for you!

Raffle Drums For Rent: $25.00
Raffle Drum Rental Chicago IL
Our large raffle drums are perfect for raffles. We rent beautiful brass raffle drums in Chicago and surrounding IL suburbs. Please note tickets are sold seperately, but can be purchased via Castle Party Rentals. Please contact our support team for any quesetions about setting up a raffle or our raffle drums.

Dry Erase Prize Wheel Rental: $95.00
Dry Erase Prize Wheel Rental Chicago
Our dry erase prize wheels give you the opportunity to customize your prize needs. A certain space can represent a particular prize, a certain dollar value, etc. The prize wheel comes on a stand of adjustable height as well as 4 different colored markers, usually black, green, blue, and red.

Bingo Equipment Rental: $50.00
Bingo Rental Chicago Illinois
Bingo is a game enjoyed by all ages and all generations. With our bingo equipment rental, we provide a professional setup that encourages everyone to get involved. With our bingo rental, you don't have to worry about losing small markets or uneven playing surfaces as our bing cards all utilize sliding markers. Package includes ball cage, master card, and approximately 100 shutter cards so that everyone can participate.

Speech Lectern Rental: $75.00
Speech Lectern Rental Chicago
Need to make announcements during your casino event? Need a way to project your voice while calling bingo numbers? Then a speech lectern is just what you need. It features a beautiful wooden stand mounted on wheels for easy transportation. There is a built-in amplifier and of course a microphone. For only $15.00 you can add a converter cord which will allow you to connect your computer, iPod, etc to the speaker.

Casino Decor: Customized to meet your budget!
Casino Decor Rental - Chicago ILNeed to spice up the casino environment at your next event? We've got what you need. We have Las Vegas arches, over-sized dice, playing cards, photo backdrops and cut outs, balloon art, and much more. Contact one of our casino decorators for more information.

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