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Welcome to Castle Party Rental, the best place for Arcade Game Party Rentals in the St. Louis, MO area! Please take a moment to review the below video. It shows a wide range of our corporate event capabilities, especially those involved arcade game party rentals. Variety is key for successful events, and this event showcases a good variety of arcade game party rentals along with other key rental products.
Arcade games are the latest trend for corporate events in St. Louis, Missouri. Castle Party Rental has over 250 unique arcade games to choose from, everything from classic and retro gaming from the 70's and 80's to newer, high-tech titles filled with LED's. So whether you're a die hard Pacman fan looking to relive the glory days or a newer game looking to immerse yourself in the latest technology, Castle Party Rental can help you with all of your St. Louis arcade game party rental needs!

Retro, Classic, 70's/80's Arcade Games:
 1942  Donkey Kong   Ms. Pacman
 Arch Rivals  Donkey Kong Jr. NBA Jam
 Asteroids  Double Dragon   Neo Geo
 Bag Man  Frogger   Pacman
 Berzerk  Galaga  Pengo
 Burger Time  Gauntlet   Phoenix
 Captain America  Mario Bros  Popeye 
 Centipede  Marvel vs. Capcom   Q Bert 
 Commando  MJ Moonwalker   Robotron 
 Contra  Missile Command   Simpson's
 Defender  Moon Patrol   Space Invaders 
 Dig Dug  Mortal Kombat  Street Fighters
Rent Arcade Games in St. Louis, MO

New, High-Tech, Unique Arcade Games
 Skeeball  Super Chexx Dome Hockey   Strike A Light
 Big Buck Hunter  Boxer/Punching Bag/Stength Test  Power Pong/Beer Pong
 Half Court Hoops Basketball  Crane Machine  Artic Thunder Racing
 Jump Shot Basketball  Claw Machine  Super Alphine Skiing
 Hyer Hoops Basketball  Guitar Hero  MotoGP Racing 
 Whack-A-Mole  Dance Dance Revolution  Pinball Machines
 Cruisin' World USA  Lane Master Virtual Bowling  Giant Tetris
 Mario Kart  World's Largest Pacman  Giant Connect Four
 Hydro Thunder  World's Largest Galaga  Baseball Pro Arcade
 Sno Cross  World's Largest Space Invaders  Zoltar Fortune Teller
 Golden Tee Golf  Pacman Battle Royale  Air Hockey Table
 Silver Strike Bowling  NFL 2 Minutes Drill  Candy Crane
Arcade Game Rentals - St. Louis, MO

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