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Did you know that Castle Party Rentals also sells both new and used arcade games across the Midwest from our Chicago area facilities? Our sales warehouse is stocked with over 100 new arcade machines and over 500 used arcade games, ready to deliver or ship right away, depending on your location. All new games come with a 1 year parts/service warranty. All used games come with a 6 month parts/service warranty. Our arcade game sales inventory ranges from classic games from the 80's and 90's to the latest high-tech LED arcade games. We've also got pinball machines, slot machines, and virtual reality systems available for sale. If you're in the market to buy one arcade game or a dozen, Castle Party Rental's sale division can certainly help.

List of NEW Classic Arcade Games for Sale (In Stock):
 1942 = $2,495.00 New  Donkey Kong = $2,495.00 New  Ms. Pacman = $2,495.00 New
 Arch Rivals = $2,795.00 New  Donkey Kong Jr. = $2,495.00 New  NBA Jam = $3,295.00 New
 Asteroids = $2,495.00 New  Double Dragon = $2,495.00 New  Neo Geo = $2,795.00 New
 Bag Man = $2,495.00 New  Frogger = $2,495.00 New  Pacman = $2,495.00 New
 Berzerk = $2,495.00 New  Galaga = $2,495.00 New  Pengo = $2,495.00 New
 Burger Time = $2,495.00 New  Gauntlet = $3,295.00 New  Phoenix = $2,495.00 New
 Captain America = $3,295.00 New  Mario Bros = $2,495.00 New  Popeye = $2,495.00 New
 Centipede = $2,495.00  Marvel vs. Capcom = $2,795.00 New  Q Bert = $2,495.00 New
 Commando = $2,495.00  MJ Moonwalker = $2,795.00 New  Robotron = $2,495.00 New
 Contra = $2,795.00  Missile Command = $2,495.00  Simpson's = $3,295.00 New
 Defender = $2,495.00  Moon Patrol = $2,795.00  Space Invaders = $2,495.00 New
 Dig Dug = $2,495.00  Mortal Kombat = $2,995.00  Street Fighters = $2,795.00 New

Arcade Games For Sale Chicago
As the largest new arcade supplier in the Chicago area, we stock your favorite classic arcade games ready for immediate delivery so you can begin enjoying your purchase right away. Our sales staff and delivery crews are passionate about arcade games so we'll make sure to help you select the best arcade games for you and then get them quickly and safely into your home or business. On the left, we furnished a new apartment building in Chicago's River North neighborhood with a brand new four player NBA Jam arcade, a Pac Man themed Multi-game arcade (60 games in 1 machine), and a two player Mortal Kombat arcade unit. These games all come brand new with a one year warranty. We stand behind our products.

Our arcade games are manufactured at our facility in St. Louis, MO, but we offer deliver service to Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN, Milwaukee, WI, Madison, WI, Minneapolis, MN, Detroit, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, St. Louis, MO, Columbus, OH, Nashville, TN, etc.

If you're not quite ready to purchase arcade games yet, you can also rent them from us! Ask about our rent to own program and see if you qualify!