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CLICK HERE to check out our latest arcade game rental inventory, available throughout the Midwest, and central parts of the USA. The below selection is incomplete and only a preview of some of our arcade game rentals.

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Crane Arcade Game Rental:
Crane Arcade Game Rental Chicago, ILThis is the classic crane game in which you use a joy stick to try to drop a claw and grab a prize. The game is set to free play so no tokens are necessary. The machine plays fun music and has LED lights all over the place. This crane game is nicer than you will find at any arcade. Rent this crane game today for a fun experience.

Please note prizes are not included in the rental price.

Click HERE to see the Crane Arcade Game rental in action!

 Price:      $395.00

Caveman Clober Arcade Game Rentals:
Caveman Clober Arcade Game Rental Chicago, ILThis is an arcade favorite! The caveman clober features fun pre-historic noises, fancy lighting, and authentic shapes. The objective of the gave is to drop the eggs from the flying pterodactyl dinosaur into the volcanoes at the very bottom without "doubling-up". The game is set to free play so there is no need to worry about tokens. We can set up the game to dispense tickets depending on performance.

Click HERE to see the Caveman Clobber Arcade Game rental in action!

 Price:      $295.00

Frog Muncher Arcade Game Rental:
Frog Muncher Arcade Game Rental Chicago, ILThis is a two player game in which children race to fling ping pong balls into the frogs mouth by pressing two green launch buttons. The frogs jump up and down, open and close their mouth, and move right an left. It is a very interactive arcade game rental. There is also entertaining music and fun lighting that enhances the game environment. This arcade game is set to free play so no tokens are necessary. The game can also dispense tickets.

Click HERE to see the Frog Muncher Arcade Game rental in action!

 Price:      $295.00

Golden Tee Arcade Game Rentals:
Golden Tee Golf Arcade Game Rental Chicago, ILThis is truly a classic arcade game. You have probably seen Golden Tee, a golf game, at many bars and restaurants in the Chicago area. It is very popular amongst all ages and features brilliant commentary. Up to four people can play up to one time, which makes the game four times the fun! This game can be set to free play so that no tokens are necessary.

Click HERE to see the Golden Tee Golf Arcade Game rental in action!

 Price:      $395.00

Dance Dance Revolution Studio Arcade Game Rental:
DDR Arcade Game Rental Chicago, IL - Dance Dance RevolutionGet the party started with dance dance revolution. Amazing sound and awesome setup. Comes with professional pads and railings. Two people play at one time and there are tons of popular songs to select from. The arcade game rental is set on free play and hence no tokens are needed.

 Price:      $1,495.00

Football Fury Arcade Game Rental:
Football Fury Arcade Game Rental Chicago, ILThis is a great two player game with a football theme. Press down on the large footballs to launch mini balls at the field goal, which are worth 3 points. If you miss, you have the opportunity of reaching various yards. When you yards add up to 100, then you score a touchdown or 7 points. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Click HERE to see the Football Fury Arcade Game rental in action!

 Price:      $495.00

Pac Man Classic Arcade Game Rental:
Pac Man Arcade Game Rental Chicago, IL USAWe offer classic arcade games like Pac-Man and Galaga. Many of our arcade cabinets feature a variety of all your favorite game options. We all know that the graphics on old-school arcade games are nothing compared to today's X-box and Wii systems, however, the concept is a classic and everyone can enjoy the simple game. If you're looking for the perfect arcade game rental for your next event, then rent Pac Man today!

 Price:      $295.00

NBA Fastbreak Pinball Machine Rentals:
pinball machine rental chicago ILThis is one of the coolest pinball machine rentals that you will ever see. This is a classic Bally pinball machine rental that is sure to entertain for hours on end. Rent a pinball machine for a corporate tradeshow, birthday, or any other event that you can imagine. Many different pinball game titles to choose from!!!

 Price:      $495.00

Triple Jam Basketball Arcade Rental:
triple jam basketball arcade game rentals in chicago, ILThis is one of the best basketball arcade games available for rent. Some people call it an electronic pop a shot basketball game as it keeps score and time. There are really cool LED Lights which makes this Half Court Hoops attraction a real event highlight. We got multiple units for head to head arcade game competition.

 Price:      $1,495.00 each

Classic Skeeball Arcade Rentals:
Skeeball Arcade Game Rental Chicago IllinoisThis the famous skeeball arcade game rental available in the Chicagoland area. This game is a classic that will be enjoyed by bother children and adults at the event. Kids also love the tickets that dispense out after each game. Rent skeeball today for your special party!

 Price:      $795.00

Cruisin USA Driving Simulator Arcade Rental:
Cruisin USA Arcade Racing Simulator Chicago ILThis is a classic sit down driving simulator game. Pick your car/truck and race against other computer competitors. Cruisin USA is a classic racing and most prefered by all arcade junkies. This game will entertain all age groups and make your event that much more special.

 Price:      $395.00

We have over 250 other arcade games available for rent. Check out our full selection here!

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Arcade game rentals also available in Ohio!