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Rent arcade games in Chicago, IL and Chicago suburbs for events and parties with Castle Party Rental. We are the largest arcade game rental company located in Chicago, IL, and serving the entiremidwest for premium arcade game rentals. We rent classic arcade games, hi-tech arcade games, racing arcade simulators, sports arcade games, shooting arcade games, etc. We have crane and claw machines as well as variety of redemption arcade games for rent. Our multicade game rentals are one of our most popular arcade machines and very popular for rental. Don't forget about pinball machines and skeeball alley arcades. With over 100 unique arcade games available for rent, there is bound to be something that meets your needs and budget. We also offer custom branded arcade games for corporate events, tradeshows, bar/bat mitzvahs, promotions, etc. Our games can be set to "free-play" for unlimited fun and so that there is no need for tokens or quarters. Also serving Rosemont, Rockford,IndianapolisMilwaukee, Madison, DetroitColumbusSt. Louis, Minneapolis, etc.
 Original Pacman Arcade: $295.00

Classic Pacman Arcade: $295.00

 Classic Ms. Pacman Arcade:$295.00

Retro Ms. Pacman Arcade: $295.00
Ms. Pacman Galaga Combo: $295.00
Galaga Arcade: $295.00

Classic Donkey Kong Arcade: $295.00

Original Donkey Kong Arcade: $295.00
 Donkey Kong Jr. Arcade: $295.00

Multi-Kong Arcade: $295.00 
 Mario Bros Arcade: $295.00

Super Mario Bros Arcade: $295.00

 Super Smash Bros Arcade: $1,495.00

Nintendo Playchoice Arcade: $595.00

Space Invaders Arcade: $295.00

Deluxe Space Invaders: $295.00
Centipede Arcade Game: $295.00

 Frogger Arcade Game: $295.00
Asteroids Arcade: $295.00

Asteroids Deluxe Arcade: $295.00
Tetris Arcade Game: $295.00

Street Fighters Arcade: $295.00
Burger Time Arcade: $295.00

Tapper Arcade: $295.00'

Dig Dug Arcade Game: $295.00

Defender Arcade Game: $295.00

Joust Arcade Game: $295.00

Multi-Williams Arcade: $295.00
Q*bert Arcade: $295.00

Neo Geo Arcade: $295.00

Chicago Arcade Games Rentals Rent Arcade Games in Chicago

Caveman Clobber Arcade Game Rental: $195.00

Toy Chest Crane Machine Rental: $395.00 
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 Frog Muncher Arcade Game Rental: $195.00
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Gold Tee Golf Game Rental: $395.00
NBA Fastbreak PInball Machine Rental: $495.00

Pacman Arcade Game Rental: $295.00

 Football Fury Arcade Game Rental: $295.00

Cruis'n World Sit-down Racing Arcade: $395.00
(Two Units Pictured)
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60-in-1 Multicade: $295.00
Pacman Multicade: $295.00
Centipede Arcade Game Rental: $295.00

Donkey Kong Arcade Game Rental: $295.00
Space Warriors Arcade Game: $295.00
Frogger Arcade Game Rental: $295.00

Chicago Bubbler Jukebox Rental: $995.00

Dance Dance Revolution - DDR: $1,295.00

 Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine: $1,495.00
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Guitar Hero Video Arcade Rental: $1,495.00

Classic Skeeball Rental: $995.00

Bull by the Horns Strength Tester: $995.00

Jump Shot Basketball Arcade: $1,495.00
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Chuck A Luck Rotating Dart Boards: $4,995.00
Donkey Kong Arcade Game Rentals: $295.00

Arcade Legends Arcade Game Rental: $295.00 

Whac A Mole Arcade Game Rental: $695.00
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Super Chexx Dome Hockey Arcade: $395.00

 NFL Blitz Football Arcade Rental: $595.00
NBA Jam Basketball Arcade Rental: $595.00

Big Buck Hunter Arcade Game Rental: $495.00

Cotton Candy Factory Vending Machine: $995.00

Boxing Machine & Strength Test Arcade: $495.00
Hard Case Money Machine: $995.00

Popcorn Redemption Arcade Rental: $995.00

Operation Redemption Arcade Game: $995.00

 American High Striker Arcade: $1,495.00
Wacky Gators Hammer Pound Arcade: $995.00

Cannonball Blast Arcade Game: $2,995.00

Electronic Shuffleboard Arcade Game: $1,495.00

Four Player Pacman Battle Royale: $1,495.00

Kick It Pro Soccer Arcade Rental: $1,495.00

 Super Strike Bowling Arcade: $4,995.00

Snapshot Hi-Tech Arcade Photobooth: $795.00

 Valley Cougar Dart Arcade Rental: $250.00

Ultimate Party Kiosk
featuring Karaoke, Jukebox, 
& Photobooth: $2,495.00

Deal or No Deal Arcade: $2,995.00

Putt Championship Virtual Golf Arcade: $1,495.00
Alpine Racer Interactive Ski Arcade: $1,995.00
(Two Units Pictured)
Motorcycle Racing Arcade: $995.00
(Two Units Pictured)
Snowmobile Racing Arcade: $995.00
(Two Units Pictured)

Waverunner Jetski Arcade: $995.00 
(Two Units Pictured)

Final Furlong Horse Racing Arcade: $1,995.00

(Two Units Pictured)
Surfing USA Arcade: $995.00
(Two Units Pictured)
Gold Fishin' Arcade Game: $4,995.00
(Two Units Pictured)

Down A Clown Arcade Game: $4,995.00

(Two Units Pictured)
Four Player Standup Pacman Arcade: $2,495.00
Hi-Tech Power Pong Beer Pong Arcade: $1,495.00
Retro Skeeball Arcade Game: $1,495.00
(Seven Units Pictured)
Chicago Bears Pinball Arcade Machine: $495.00

Mario Kart Racing Arcade: $995.00
(Two Units Pictured)

Grand Fun Alley Skeeball Arcade: $1,495.00
Star Wars Pinball Machine Rental: $495.00
Bags Target Toss Arcade Game: $395.00
World Class Bowling/Silver Strike Arcade: $395.00
The Simpsons Arcade Game Rental: $595.00
Chicago Blackhawks Multicade Game: $495.00
Giant Connect 4 Arcade Game Rental: $2,995.00
Giant Tetris Arcade Game Rental: $4,995.00
Beer Pong Master Arcade: $2,495.00
X-Men Arcade Game for Rent: $595.00
Ninja Turtles Arcade Game: $595.00
Centipede Arcade Machine: $295.00
Joust Arcade Game Rental: $295.00

Strike A Light Arcade: $395.00

Open Ice Hockey Arcade Game: $595.00

Half Court Hoops Basketball Arcade: $1,495.00
(Two Units Pictured)
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NFL Two Minute Drill Football Arcade: $2,995.00
Silent Scope Arcade Game: $595.00
Fresh Popcorn Vending Machine: $1,495.00

More arcade games coming soon! Need a specific arcade game? Let us know; we've got it!

Sample arcade game rental at local Chicago college/university. Check out Half Court Hoops Basketball Arcade, Cruisin' World Racing Simulator Ride, Big Buck Hunter, Deluxe Skeeball, Crane/Claw Arcade Machine, Air Hockey Table, Boxer Punching Bag Strength Test, and Zoltar Fortune Telling Machine Arcade. We are Chicago's leader in arcade game rentals, serving colleges and universities, as well as corporations and businesses, along with government agencies and municipalities. Also proudly serving private events, Bar Mitzvahs, and weddings.