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Arcade Game Quality Comparison - Our Arcades vs. Competitors

We pride ourselves in the best quality arcade game rentals (and the largest selection) at competitive rates. Our arcade games are all the newest and latest models to assure a product of pristine condition and reliability. Most client events are only a few hours long so we make sure to get the job done right from the very beginning. 

When comparing pricing on arcade game rentals, you want to make sure that you are comparing apples to apples. Just because a competitor says that they'll rent you the "same" arcade for less, doesn't mean that you're actually getting the same product (from both a visual and operational standpoint). We recently lost a bid on a Ms. Pac-Man arcade game rental because we were $50.00 more expensive. The client thought that they had compared apples to apples, but was shocked at what our competitor delivered to her corporate event! Luckily there was enough time for us to bring our Ms. Pacman out to their event as a replacement. We took a picture of them size by side to highlight the major differences:

Our Ms. Pacman is the one on the left...

Our competitor's is the one of the right...

As promised, we provided a beautiful, new looking arcade game. Our Ms. Pacman is full size, licensed, and contained the original game. The monitor has a nice crisp image and the controls work accurately. The cabinet is in good condition and features nice vivid, colorful artwork. It is clearly something that our clients can be proud to offer their event attendees. 

Our competitor's machine however is miniature, a whole foot shorter than it should be.  This was an important corporate event for adults not children and clearly unacceptable. The game itself is not the original, but a pirated copy which is illegal! The monitor had a fuzziness to it which was less than ideal. There is a lag in the joystick as something had been spilled on the joystick, but never cleaned up properly. There were chips, dents, scratches, rust, and even mold growing on/around the machine. Don't believe us? We took pictures! 

Check out the control panel comparison below. Which one would you prefer at your event? If you prefer the left picture, you most certainly want to rent from us (Castle Party Rental)! If you prefer the right picture, then go ahead and rent from our competitor, good luck!

LEFT: Castle Party Rental control panel. Nice, new, clean, and functional.
RIGHT: Competitor's control panel. Old, rusty, beat up, and moldy.

In conclusion, not all arcade games are created equally. We proudly invest in the best possible products for our clients! We know how to safely transport our arcade games, service them, and maintain the highest level of quality control. If you want the job done right in the first place, Castle Party Rental should be your one and only arcade game rental vendor choice!

Next, we'd like to take a moment to compare our skeeball alleys to our competitor's units. There is a big difference in size, quality, and functionality. We recently received an emergency call from a local catering company that had ordered skeeball games from our competitor, only to be surprised at how small and old they were! Luckily there was enough time for us to come to the rescue! Which skeeball arcades do you want to have at your next event?

        LEFT: Castle Party Rental LED Skeeball Arcades                                          RIGHT: Competitor Skeeball Unit
If you want to get the job done right the first time around, make sure to order our LED Skeeball Arcades. They are an amazing arcade game rental. You will not be disappointed. Our competition is renting the small skeeball unit on the right for adult events and that is unacceptable. For the best product and best service, always choose Castle Party Rental!

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