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20x30 Pole Tent Rentals - Canopy Tents - Chicago, IL and Suburbs

20 x 30 Pole Tent Rentals - Canopy Forest Green
20x30 Pole Tent RentalThis style tent may also be known as a canopy tent. 20x30 Pole Tent Rentals are great, affordable options for a variety of events. Utilizing rectangular seating, they have a capacity of 60 people. Utilizing round seating, the tent has a capacity of 48 people. With either setup, there should be room for up to two buffet tables. Rent your 20x30 pole tent for only $199.00. Best price in the area for such a beautiful tent. 

Sample layouts are provided below for a 20x30 Pole Tent Rental:

6 - 8 ' Banquet Tables for Seating
48 - Folding Chairs

5 - 60'' Round Tables for seating
40 - Folding Chairs
9' x 12' Dance Floor

4 - 60'' Round Tables for seating
2 - 8' Banquet Tables for Buffet, Gifts, etc.
32 - Folding Chairs
9' x 9' Dance Floor