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Tub Carnival Games: $45.00

Trunk Toss Carnival Game Rental Chicago IL 
Trunk Toss
Carnival Game Rental
Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental Chicago IL 
Ring Toss
Carnival Game Rental
Color Toss Carnival Game Illinois Rental Party
Color Toss
Carnival Game Rental
Hooks Treasure Carnival Game Rental Chicago, IL
Hook's Treaure
Carnival Game Rental
Golfer Golf Carnival Game Rental in Chicago, Illinois
Gopher Golf
Carnival Game Rental
Color Wheel Carnival Game Rental Chicago
Color Wheel
Carnival Game Rental
 Shock Wave School Fun Fair Carnival Game Rental
Carnival Game Rental
Potty Toss Carnival Game Party Illinois 
Potty Toss
Carnival Game Rental
Lucky Sucker
Carnival Game Rental
Can Toss Carnival Game Rental Chicago Party
Can Smash
Carnival Game Rental
 Golf Put Carnival Game Rentals in Chicago
Put & Win Golf
Carnival Game Rental
Plink Carnival Game Rentals IL 
Carnival Game Rental
 Stoplight Toss Carnival Game Rental Chicago
Stoplight Toss
Carnival Game Rental
 TKO Toss Carnival Game Rental, Chicago Party Rental IL
TKO Toss
Carnival Game Rental
Troll Toss Carnival Game Rentals Chicago, IL 
Troll Toss
Carnival Game Rental
Wrecking Ball Carnival Game Rental IL 
Wrecking Ball
Carnival Game Rental
Chicago Carnival Gam Rentals - Say Ah Golf 
Say Ah Golf

Carnival Game Rental
 Tic Tac Toe Toss Carnival Game Rental Chicago
Tic Tac Toe Toss
Carnival Game Rental
 Stand A Bottle Carnival Game Rentals Chicago IL
Stand A Bottle
Carnival Game Rental
Mini Hoops Basketball Carnival Game Rentals Chicago IL 
Mini Hoops
Carnival Game Rental
Cover The Spot Carnival Game Rentals Illinois 
Cover The Spot
Carnival Game Rental
 Quack Attack Carnival Game Rentals Chicago IL - Awesome Amusements For Your Event
Quack Attack
Carnival Game Rental
 Feeding Time Carnival Game Rentals Chicago IL
Feeding Time
Carnival Game Rental
  Carnival Game Rentals Chicago IL - Dinosaur Nest
Dinosaur Nest
Carnival Game Rental


Table Carnival Games: $75.00


 Blackhole Carnival Game Rental IL
Black Hole

Chicago Carnival Game Rentals - Battle Tank
Battle Tank
 Can Topple Carnival Game Rentals Chicago
Can Topple
Bowl-A-Rama Carnival Game Rental Chicago IL 
 Alien Autopsy Carnival Game Chicago Illinois
Alien Autopsy
Finish Line Racers Carnival Game Chicago IL 
Finish Line Racers
 Ice Cream Madness Carnival Game Rental Chicago IL
Ice Cream Madness
Great Pumplin Carnival Game Rentals in Chicago 
   Great Pumpklin  
 Frog Flinger Carnival Game Rental Chicago Illinois Party
   Frog Flinger   
 Water Skeeball Carnival Games Chicago Illinois
Water Skeeball
 Monkey Pinball Carnival Games, Chicago Party Rentals IL
Monkey Pinball
Roller Bowler Chicago Carnival Games IL 
Roller Bowler


Frame Games: $75.00


Chicago Carnival Game Rentals - Castle Conquest
Castle Conquest

Soccer Kick Carnival Game Rentals near Chicago IL
Soccer Kick
Rattlesnake Roundup Carnival Game Rental in Chicago
Rattle Snake
Hockey Carnival Game Rental - Chicago - Slap Shot
Slap Shot
Tic Tac Toe Toss Frame Carnival Game Rental Illinois
Tic Tac Toe Toss
Football Carnival Game Rental in Chicago - Touchdown Toss
Touch Down Toss
 Feed the Monkey Carnival Game Rentals Illinois
Monkey Feed
Golf Challenge Carnival Fun Fair Chicago
Golf Challenge
Alien Invasion Frame Game Rental Chicago IL
Alien Invasion
Quarterback Toss Football Carnival Game Rental IL
Quarterback Toss
Rent Penguin Fish Fling Carnival Game Chicago
Penguin Fish Fling
Joey Jump Rentals
Joey Jump
Noahs Ark Carnival Game Rental Illinois
Noah's Ark
Baseball Toss Carnival Game - Great for School Fun Fair
Baseball Toss
Play Carnival Game Froggy Fly Fling
Froggy Fly Fling
Chicago Carnival Game Rentals - Cannonball Toss
Cannonball Toss
Chicago Carnival Game Rentals - Food Fight
Food Fight
Rent Chicago Carnival Game Food Fight
Shark Attack


Water Carnival Games:

Pitchburst Dunk Tank Rental Chicago IL
Pitchburst Dunk Tank: $165.00 
 Rent Tank Rental Chicago Illinois
Deluxe Dunk Tank: $195.00

Specialty Carnival Games:

 Electronic Skeeball: $395.00

 Milk Can Toss: $25.00

Pirates Money Machine: $145.00

Jumbo Duck Pond: $95.00

Kiddie Hi-Striker: $75.00

 Wacky Trike Rental Chicago IL
Wacky Trikes: $75.00 (each)

Adult High Striker Carnival Game Rental Chicago Party
Adult Hi-Striker: $150.00

Boom Blasters: $75.00 (per pair)

 Roller Bowler Carnival Game Rental Chicago
Adult Bowler Roller: $75.00

Balloon Darts For Rent in Chicago, IL
Balloon Darts: $95.00

 Fat Cats Carnival Game Rental
Cat Rack: $195.00
(2 Units Pictured Above)


Safari Kart Rentals Chicago
Safari Karts: $75.00 (each)

3 Ft Money Wheel: $75.00
(Tabletop Stand included as shown)

2 Ft Dry Erase Prize Wheel: $75.00
(Floor Stand included as shown)

Inflatable Carnival Games:

Monster Basketball Carnival Game IL
Monster Ball: $95.00 
Bulls Eye Inflatable Darts Carnival Game
Inflatable Darts: $145.00
Pop A Shot Basketball Carnival Games
Pop-A-Shot: $145.00
 Speed Pitch Radar Throw Chicago, IL
Speed Pitch: $225.00
Hose Hockey Inflatable Rental Chicago
Hose Hockey: $250.00
Floating Ball Race Relay - Party Rental Chicago
Floating Balls: $250.00 

Carnival Games: From big to small, Castle Party Rentals has all the carnival game rentals you will need to throw a successful carnival. We have the best prices on all carnival game rentals. If you are doing a fundraiser, you will be able to recuperate your investment quickly and start making money before you know it. We carry classic carnival game rentals as well as several new and innovative carnival games that are all very fun. We had helped created many fun carnival events throughout Chicago, IL and the surrounding suburbs. No carnival event is too large or too small for us to handle. We know what carnival games the children like  best and have stocked our rental inventory full of them. You can't go wrong with our great selection and competitive pricing on carnival games. There are carnival game rentals for children, while others adults will even enjoy and be challenged. Carnival games are a great form of entertainment for any event. Having a birthday party? Then rent carnival games! Having a fun fair? Then rental carnival games. All of our carnival game rentals are safe for all ages. None of our carnival games use small pieces so our they are never a hazard to younger kids. Castle Party Rentals also offers carnival decorations such as carnival tents, carnival booths, carnival signs, etc. We can also provide a wide variety of carnival prizes for the next carnival you host. Providing carnival prizes at your event adds to the experience and makes for a successful carnival. What else should you have at your carnival? How about carnival rides! We carry mechanical rides such as a ferris wheel, carousel, and other mechanical rides. For all your carnival game rental needs, please consider Castle Party Rentals. We have a wide assortment of carnival games for rental in the Chicago, Illinois area. Try our bozo buckets carnival game or our ring toss carnival game. Many people like to test their skills at the ballon darts games or the basketball pop-a-shot. Our carnival game rentals feature innovative designs and vibrant colors. If you are interested in throwing a realistic school carnival, then call Castle Party Rentals today. We can't wait to help you out with all your carnival game rental needs. You will always be able to get more carnival games with us for less money. Rent carnival games in Chicago, IL or surrounding suburbs and you will have loads of fun.